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Green Roof Case Studies

Featured here are some of the projects that we have recently completed. Hopefully they'll give you an idea of the process involved which is described in the photographs. Scroll down for latest installations. However we are presently setting up a Facebook site to cover all the new installations as we have so many its difficult to keep up with putting them on the site. Do ring us ring if you need more information.

Below are a few of our latest installments.  We have many on going and some we cannot take photos of due to privacy. If you need any information please don't hesitate to ring Caroline on 01747830716 


Sedum between Tram Rails Manchester 2015

Click here for the article in the Manchester Evening News about the exciting project.

This was a very big job and still on going! The Sedum has been put in place between the rails through out the new tram way in Manchester.  We have used the S.Pod or modular Tray system provided by our green roof company in order for easy access. If there was any reason that maintenance should require accessing underneath certain areas then this becomes much easier as the module or S.Pod can be lifted out and replaced after inspection.  Sedum Green Roof have undertaken trials of this and it works very well indeed.  


sedum_Green_Roof_tram_5.jpg       Sedum_Green_Roof_tram_6.jpg


Green Roof in Gloucestershire UK 2015 

Hi Caroline

"Sorry it has taken so long but we promised to send some photos of our green roof on top of the garage
​after it had matured for a few weeks. I've attached 3 taken a couple of weeks ago which is about 6 weeks after install. The combination of rain and sun at this time of year has proved ideal and we are delighted by the way it has grown and bloomed.  In the last two weeks it is even better. If we get round to putting any features on it, such as logs we'll send you some more."

best wishes

Chris and Jane

Sedum_Green_Roof_garage3.jpg   Below a blow up of the garage roof although a little blurred it shows how well the Sedum is doing.  This has only recently been laid. Hopefully we will have some pictures showing it as a mature roof.


                              Sedum Green Roof garage 7_1.jpg


 New Roof for happy customer with another older one in the background 2015


This roof has only just been laid so colour will spread and become more lush as it establishes. Green Roofs are ideal for boring areas of roof which is overlooked.  A sedum green roof will change colour as the seasons change and do not need enormous amounts of maintenance.


Wessex Water Project 2015 


Huge project which went so well.  Looks amazing. Here the sedum mat or sedum blankets as they are also known are used.  


Sedum_Green_Roof_Wessex_Water_2.jpg                             Sedum_Green_Roof_Wessex_water.jpg

London Casino Installation 2014


London_Casino_ready for a Green Roof London 2015 London_Casino_men preparing the outside ready to lay the Sedum Green Roof London_Casino Sedum Green Roof laid just had to mature now. 


The site in London was quite large.  The soil was laid first and then the sedum mats or sedum blankets as they are also known, will knit together over time and bloom in Spring. Our sedum green roof company can advise on green roof systems and suggest either a sedum mat, or another method such as the sedum tray or S.Pod modular system will be the best option.

Somerset Installation April 2015

"Dear Caroline - just to say we are delighted with our sedum roof - it went up so quickly and looks amazing - many thanks to all!" Graham in Castle Cary Somerset

Sedum_Green_Roof_Somerset_2.jpg     Sedum_Green_Roof_Somerset.jpg

A very happy customer.  The sedum Green Roof has just been laid so needs time to settle in, but looking good.  The lovely spring weather we are having will help the green roof system grow and look fabulous for the summer. 

Southampton Installation 2014 


  Sedum Growing on a Green Roof in Southampton       Sedum Green Roof on a Shed.

This Sedum Green Roof installation will look great when it blossoms and grows into a fully fledged roof. We have many varieties of Sedum in our sedum mats or on our S.pods/sedum trays/ modules.  You can see all the different species on our species grown page. See also the different Green Roof systems.


Railway  2014/15 

Manchester_Tram project Sedum S.Pods or modular trays ready to lay Manchester_Tram_trail Sedum trays or modules ready for laying             

Here the first installations of our Sedum trays or modules.  This is a very big job!! The modular Tray is a very good green roof system.  Have a look at our S.Pods.


South London 2014


South London Sedum Green Roof ready to lay South_London Badgs of substrate ready to lay for a Green Roof  

Here the soil is being prepared and the sedum mat then laid. Now its time to grow and entwine together. This Green roof system is good for larger areas. Green Roofs can look so much softer and attractive than bare flat roofs.  Our Sedum Green Roof company can help you choose the right green roof system that suits your project.


Essex 2014 


essex A Sedum Green Roof about to be laid essex3. S.Pods or modular trays, being laid ready for a Sedum Green Roof Essex.S.Pods or modular trays being laid for a Sedum Green Roof  

As you can see the building had just been completed.  Here we have used the S.Pods a much simpler and easier Green roof system, very quick to install.

 Sutton 2014

Sutton_Sedum_Green_Roof.jpg Sutton_Sedum_Green_Roof_3.jpg            Sutton_Green_Roof.jpg   Jim can be seen here laying the last of the Sedum S.Pods or Sedum trays/modules.  Here the Sedum is still with its winter colour.  This will go as the weather improves and turn lush shades of green with flowers in Spring.


Basingstoke Project 2011/12 
































laying Sedum on Roof
Sedum_on_new_Green_Roof.jpg Sedum Roof
This green roof was installed in two separate sections due to the complex nature of the roof area.  

A pebble boarder frames the Sedum, which acts as a filter system for rain water.  The up- stand is part of the roof and thus keeps the Sedum blanket covering in place.  A drainage layer was initially installed followed by a 50mm thick substrate.  The Sedum mat was then unrolled covering the substrate.  The mat is not affected by wind due to the nature of the sedum roots which eventually anchor themselves firmly to the substrate.


 Sedum Green Roof



  Farnham Project, 2011

Laying out the layers for Sedum

Due to the fact there was no up-stand incorporated into the roof construction on this project an aluminium trim was placed around the perimeter of the roof.  It was powder coated black so that it blended well with the rest of the building. There was no need for a pebble rainwater drainage area as there was a gutter system already in place.  The drainage layer was then laid; this incorporated a thick fabric that was made from recycled materials.  Once the drainage layer was in situ the substrate was placed on top and the sedum unrolled and butted up to the aluminum strip.

Standard practice is to unroll the sedum mats initially around the perimeter and work towards the centre.

Sedum Green Roof can offer Installation Packages and Maintenance visits if required.  


Preparing a roof


Green Roof Garage         

 Rich and Shoeburyness Beach Huts 2013/14


Rich &
Shoeburyness 099_1.JPG Rich___Shoeburyness_097.JPGRich___Shoeburyness_103.JPG


 Rich & Shoeburyness 101_1.JPGRich___Shoeburyness_104.JPGRich___Shoeburyness_105.JPG

 How stunning are these!  This is an on going project in 2014. 

   2012 Roof project in Portsmouth

"Very happy with it.  Since it was laid it has been rain and sun everyday so the sedum is taking nicely. Many thanks Danny"

Danny Large Senior Managing Director Construction Solutions 


  British Gas and SuperPlants 2012

"I am sure you will agree a stunning project" David Hussey Superplants 


  Salisbury Hospital Horatio Gardens Wiltshire Oct 2012 

Salisbury_Horatio_Gardens_Sedum.jpg sedum
salisbury hospital horacio gardens_1.jpg


  Strood 2013 

   Strood4.jpg       Strood1.jpg                   

  Twickenham 2013


                          Twick1.jpg               Twick2.jpg

                      Fareham 2013                             Bus Stop 2013 Hemel Hempstead


   Garden Shed Project


We don't just specialise in large buildings- this is a perfect example of a small garden shed project that we undertook in 2011. The owner has found it great for attracting wildlife to his, now very attractive, small garden.

"...the green oak shed combined with the green sedum roof is a stunning combination."

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Benefits of Green Roofs


Green roofs can provide important microclimates for insects, bird life and other even rare species.


Green roofs can positively affect the heat produced by urban environments, (the Urban Heat Island).


Green roofs significantly reduce the surface run off of rainfall. (A mechanism for Sustainable urban  Drainage Systems).