bird On Sedum Green Roof Fields

Welcome to Lower Leigh.  Our sustainable farm in Wiltshire


                                                                                                                                                                                    Sedum Growing in Fields ready for mats and S.Pod modular trays                                                                                                                                              
Sedum mats just laid out for Sedum Green Roof
Sedum in polytunnels_1.jpg 
... New fields of Sedum Mats laid ready for Spring 2016. sedum plug plants
Sedum_growing_in_polytunnel.jpg sedum growing ready for Green Roofs Sedum Plug plants growing ready for Green Roofs

...Plug plants ready for sale in the polytunnels.         

... Preparing the seeds in the polytunnels and trays full of plugs ready to sell or plant out in the fields or on the roofs to make sedum roofs.

Sedum ready to go to fields_1.jpg
Plug Plants Lower Leigh Farm ready for Green Roofs Sedum Mats or living roofs ready for Green roofs

... Some of our mats almost ready. This year we have almost 99% cover. Any bare areas we can always fill with our vast amount of plug plants.


At Lower Leigh we grow everything needed for your Green or Living roof.  We have a vast variety of Sedum plants and we have over seven species growing on our Sedum Mats.  We have many plug plants which we can also sell instead of Sedum Mats for your Green or biodiverse living roof. Come and visit us!


We live on the farm and run a sustainable farm.  Our farmhouse is even heated by air source heat pumps and we grow as much as we can off our land without the use of chemical pesticides.

The farm itself has a conservation area where we encourage as many types of wildlife as we can.  Last year we had several successful nests of Little Owls and Kestrels.  At the moment we have a barn owl and a Goshawk flying around as well as many other species of birds including our resident peacocks.

peacock_Lower_Leigh_Farm Sedum Green Roof     sedum_hanging_basket.jpg

Our resident Peacock                                                     Hanging basket of Sedum at the farm



Charlie and Blue on the Sedum fields, peacocks 

Charlie and Blue the peacocks helping out on the Sedum Fields at Lower Leigh Farm 

We find that selling on line can get confusing and many people make mistakes.  Just ring us and we will advise the exact quantities needed to make your Green Roof - Tel: 01747 830 176 9am - 4pm  or email us the details of your project to



Call us on

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Ready to Lay Sedum Green Roofs and Walls






Benefits of Green Roofs


Green roofs can provide important microclimates for insects, bird life and other even rare species.


Green roofs can positively affect the heat produced by urban environments, (the Urban Heat Island).


Green roofs significantly reduce the surface run off of rainfall. (A mechanism for Sustainable urban  Drainage Systems).