Sedum Growing ready for a Green Roof

Species Grown

We have a variety of native species and are presently growing many more so we can tailor make for your sedum green roof requirements.  As we experiment we update all the time so just get in touch for further information about our green roof systems.

Below is a growing list of Sedum species we currently grow-


S.lydium S.kamtschaticum  S.spurium "dragons blood"
S.album "athorum" S.oreganum  S.spurium "voodoo"
S.album S.sexangulare  S.spuruim "summer glory"
S.album minima Spurium forms "broadleaf"  S.anglicum
S.album "coral carpet" S.rupestre "silver"  S.silskianum
S.anacamperos S.rupestre  S.sieboldii "variegatum"
S.hispanicum "glauca" S.hakonense  S.montanum
S.acre S.reflexum  S.hybridum "czars gold"
S.acre "octoberfest" S.ellacobianum  
S.floriferum S.pulchellum  
S.fosterianum "oracle" S.spurium "Coccineum"  
S.fosterianum "silver          stone"    



We can advise as to the correct species for your roof.  Some species can thrive in shady areas and some are more tolerant to others of certain environmental factors so contact us for advice. Sometimes certain colour schemes are desired or patterns such as logos etc.  These can all be supplied but customised planting may have to be ordered in advance.

Modular System for Sedum the S.Pod, Sedum Tray

Sedum_modular Tray or S.Pod ready for a Green Roof                Sedum modular_system_S.Pod with lovely autumn colours ready for a Green Roof

This is a new modular method where the tray is planted with the sedum and can be placed straight onto a waterproofed roof as the substrate and drainage layer are incorporated into the Pod. These are lightweight and easy to manage so are very good for the DIY enthusiast.


Sedum roof maintenance is minimal but Sedum Green Roof can supply an Installation Package and Maintenance visits..


Grow to Order

If you require large quantities of Sedum for your sedum roofs we may have to grow them for you, so allow plenty of time. Sedum mats usually take between six and nine months to mature ready for rolling and transport. We can also provide sedum plugs but be prepared to wait longer for a mat if grown from small sedum plugs.


Newly rolled mats of Sedum ready for Green Roofs at Lower Leigh Farm Newly laid Sedum mats using a variety of  plug plants at Lower Leigh Farm.


sedum_fields.Trays and mats of Sedum ready for Green Roofs We can offer trays of different species of sedum plug plants, which can be planted directly into the substrate. On roofs 28 plants per Sq metre is usual. 


Pebbles for Sedum Roofs

Substrate drainage layer and pebbles can be bought separately. Sedum Green Roof can advise or lay your roof for you, whatever your requirements.




 Below are some examples of Sedum which can be grown as mats or modular trays/ S.Pods. We can send more examples.

Sedum_kamtschaticum growing on mats ready for Green RoofsSedum_reflexum_growing on Sedum mats and trays ready for Green Roofssedum_acre_growing on mats and trays ready for Green Roofs

   S.kamtschaticum       S.reflexum                                       S.acre



Sedumhispanicum growing on mats and trays ready for Green Roofs_Sedum_anglicum growing ready for Sedum Green Roofssedum_album growing ready for Sedum Green Roof Mats

   S.hispanicum "glauca"                        S.anglicum     S.album



We find that selling on line can get confusing and many people make mistakes.  Just ring us and we will advise the exact quantities you need to make your Green Roof - 01747 830 176 9am-4pm or email





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Benefits of Green Roofs


Green roofs can provide important microclimates for insects, bird life and other even rare species.


Green roofs can positively affect the heat produced by urban environments, (the Urban Heat Island).


Green roofs significantly reduce the surface run off of rainfall. (A mechanism for Sustainable urban  Drainage Systems).